Term Paper Writing Help: 5 Problem Statement Examples

Problem statement aims to persuade the readers that the problem you focus on in your research is worth investigating. This is why it’s usually best to use the contrast technique in order to make a lasting impression on the audience. A problem statement like this should consist of the three following parts:

  1. The ideal scenario description:
  2. Here you describe the perfect situation, something that the people should aim to achieve or the values that are important to them.

  3. The reality of the situation:
  4. In this section, you should describe the current situation as it truly is.

  5. The consequences of taking (or not taking) any action:
  6. Depending on the purpose of your research, you need to explain what the results will be if the situation is left alone or if some particular action is taken.

If you still need some help with writing this part of the paper, study the following examples:

  1. The “N” Hospital requires the equipment that will allow it to perform various efficient diagnostic procedures.
  2. Unfortunately, at the moment the hospital can only perform CAT scans and myelograms. The former cannot provide accurate results in 60% of cases and the latter is painful and potentially dangerous for the patients.

    Should this situation remain unchanged, people will leave the “N” hospital to seek higher quality services elsewhere.

  3. In order to improve the quality of education and reduce the number of bullying incidents our school requires and efficient mediation program that will connect students and the staff.
  4. Today we only have the student court to act as a mediator. However, this isn’t an official body so it is largely ignored.

    If the situation will remain as it is, students will become even more disconnected from the staff and the number of internal problems will continue to increase.

  5. Many animal lovers believe that all people should become vegetarians to save the animals.
  6. However, organic farming is humane and therefore offers an alternative.

    People should be more open-minded and research their options more thoroughly.

  7. Using disposable tableware seems like a good method of water conservation.
  8. However, this approach increases the amount of trash exponentially.

    All the pros and cons of every method must be taken into consideration in order to work out a truly efficient water conservation strategy.

  9. The Bachelor TV show is presented as a tale of true romance.
  10. Though the majority of the time we see gossip, tears and arguments instead of blooming love.

    In my paper I want to prove that this show is popular because people like seeing the others suffer.

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