How To Write A Good Conclusion For A Research Paper

Composing a strong closing paragraph for any essay will always improve the overall quality of your work. The conclusion is the last thing that is read, and you have an invaluable opportunity to leave your audience with good, memorable ideas. This is especially true when you compose a research paper.

Research papers often contain many pieces of evidence, bits of information, data and even statistics. In short, a lot of information has been presented to your reader. In your conclusion you must bring it all together in a paragraph that unites the many different facts and figures that you have included in the body of your work. Be clear, and be concise.

There are a few elements that you should be sure to include in the conclusion for any research paper assignment. We have outlined a few of the most important ones you'll need to remember.

Depending on the topic of the research assignment, a call to action may be appropriate. What further research needs to be done in what areas of study? Is there a need for increased public awareness, government funding or other action?

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