8 Rules For Creating A Good APA Format Term Paper

As term paper time approaches, many students start to wonder if they really have all the skills and knowledge they need to produce a stellar paper. Properly using APA format can add another level of challenge. If you aren’t sure you’re prepared to properly format your paper, keep reading.

  1. General guidelines such as spacing and margins is very important. Your font should be clear and readable, not some fancy script. You may be required to use Times New Roman font in a size 12 pt.
  2. Page headers, also called running heads are required at the top of each page. The page numbers should be on the right and the title should be in all capital letters.
  3. The four main sections of your paper should include the following:
    • Title Page
    • Abstract
    • Main Body
    • References
  4. All pages following the title page should have the title of your paper across the running head.
  5. The abstract should be a concise summary of the major points of the research. It should not be indented and should give the possible implications for future research. The generally accepted length is between 150 and 250 words.
  6. In-text citations should follow the author-date method. In other words, the last name of the author and the year the reference was published should appear within the text. The complete reference would then be included in the reference list.
  7. Always use capitals for proper nouns, author names as well as initials. When capitalizing titles, make sure you use a capital letter on both parts of a hyphenated or compound word.
  8. When quoting directly from another source, place quotations longer than 40 words in their own block of text, indented ½ inch. This entire quotation should be indented, not just the first line. Keep double-spacing throughout. Immediately after the closing punctuation mark, the citation should appear in parentheses.

Following all APA guidelines exactly as laid out in the APA style handbook will help you produce a stellar paper. The list above is a great starting point, but there are other rules you can find in the handbook to help you take your paper to the next level.

Following the assigned format for your paper is essential in securing a top mark on your assignment. The term paper often carries a lot of weight toward your final grade, so maintain as much diligence as possible in utilizing all the APA guidelines.

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