What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Research Paper: A Professor's Opinion

If you are facing the large challenge of writing a good research paper, it is important to know what you are doing and what all is required of you. In order to write a good final product, you need to include the following characteristics:

  1. The first characteristic is a strong thesis statement. No finished product is complete without a good thesis statement. And that thesis must be referred to throughout the content of the final product such that each time you present new data or make a new point, you remind the reader how it relates to and supports the main concept of your paper.
  2. The second characteristic is flow. Your final product needs good flow from one section to the next. This is done with corresponding transitional words and phrases that move the reader seamlessly from one idea to the next. This is important at the end of each paragraph including the introduction, each body paragraph, and the conclusion. Nothing should be choppy in the reading, and the mind of the reader should not face any disconnect.
  3. The next characteristic is presenting clear connections. If you include a piece of evidence in one of the body paragraphs, you need to make it a point to explain in clear language why and how it connects to other aspects of your final product. Just because you know the point you were trying to make, or you have mentally drawn a connection does not mean that the reader will make the same conclusions.
  4. Another important characteristic to a good research paper is a topic sentence. While the end of each paragraph needs to have a transitional statement to move to the next, the start of each sentence needs a topic sentence. This sentence is responsible for reminding the reader what it is that you are going to cover in the span of those pages. One good trick is to take words used in the transitional statement at the end of the paragraph and include those same words in the topic sentence at the beginning of the next paragraph. This is a good way to smoothly move the reader along. This exact tactic can be used to tie together the introduction and the conclusion; by taking words contained in the introduction you can move your reader along smoothly into the conclusion..

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