12 Outstanding Ideas For US History Term Papers

USA is such an amalgam of cultures that it is abuzz with history, no matter what period you probe into. Ever since its independence in 1777, it has thrown an array of historical events to take notice. Here are 12 ideas of immense importance for US history term papers.

  1. The arrival of Europeans
  2. The arrival of Europeans had a terrific impact on Native Americans and laid the cornerstone for the US we know of today. Needless to say, an enlightening dissertation hits the mark with remarkable precision.

  3. The impact of George Washington
  4. George Washington had an immense influence in the course of American history and had a great hand in the revolutionary era. He also happens to be the first US president. Food for thought!

  5. British influence in the lead-up to 1812 War
  6. USA was initially a British colony. Their tyrannical attitude and partisan policies resulted in 1812 War. A discussion on the same offers great option for term papers.

  7. The hand of Lincoln and abolitionism
  8. Abraham Lincoln was one of the most influential American presidents. He played a major hand in abolishing slavery. The topic commands attention for discussion.

  9. Control of Western lands by Federal Government
  10. The introduction of Federal governance on Western lands paved the way for eventual federation. Term papers get wiser with such a topic.

  11. Impact of industrial revolution
  12. The industrial revolution turned America from an agrarian state into an industrial one. The topic merits respect and enquiry.

  13. US preparation for World War 1
  14. 1st World War was almost the first time that America got seriously involved with Europe. This also heralds a new era and is a lighthouse for term papers.

  15. The Great Depression and FDR’s New Deal
  16. This is a significant part of American history and had global repercussions. The way America handled it opens a new wave.

  17. The trigger of Pearl Harbor and eventual American involvement in World War 2
  18. History was created when Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japan. The event has attracted many historians to take new perspectives.

  19. Cold War: The effect on US by the rise of Communism in China
  20. The Cold War between US and USSR is a pivotal point in history. US tried new tantrums as USSR influenced China. The debate is on for term papers.

  21. Women’s Lib movement in the 60s
  22. It was in the 60s that women felt like liberating. The world has not been the same since. This is a quality topic for history term papers.

  23. Impact of 9/11 on America and its mindset
  24. The crude repercussions of the demolition of twin towers still affect the American mind. There is an earnest war against terrorism ever since. The most significant event of this millennium!

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