Searching For A Proofreading Service For A Research Paper

You may have spent a long time on deciding on the thesis for your research paper, delving in background reading, planning, revising plans, making notes, discussing, making drafts and writing the paper, but you may need to take another step.

The best advice when you are writing anything is to check, check and check again. In other words you need to be your own proof-reader and editor. You may need some help here.

You may decide to ask a friend or colleague to read through your work, but unless they have received training in proofreading they may not provide an independent assessment of your work.

Have you also noticed that every time you read through your own work that you need to make changes - either to the grammar, sentence construction, spelling or just typos? Sometimes you can read through your work several times and not see the some glaring mistakes because your eyes have just got used to your piece of work. You can spend a lot of time trying to proofread your own work resulting in frustration and a feeling of inadequacy.

After all the hard work you have put into your work it would be a shame to not get the full acknowledgement for your work based on poor editing skills.

There are several companies that offer proofreading and editing services. Many of these services just require you to upload your paper and pay for the service. Some even offer a free sample. Make sure that the company lives up the services that it says it offers. Check out whether other customers have valued the service. If there are no comments or comments regarding a poor service, continue your search for a good provider.

You need to find a service that offers correction of grammatical mistakes, punctuation and sentence structure. If you do use this service make sure that you re-read your paper when you get it back as any changes may be grammatically correct but may have altered the form of a point you were making.

You also need to look at the turnaround time for the work. Does it suit you need? Is it a realistic turnaround time?

Make sure you know exactly what the fee is and if there are any hidden extras.

If all goes well you will end up with a well presented research paper.

Good Luck

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