10 Tips On Creating A Research Paper In Technology

Writing a research paper can be a daunting task for any topic, however writing a paper in a technological field can require even more work than your average paper might. You have to be extremely clear, precise, and up to date on everything. So to help you out, here are ten tips on how to make that tech paper shine.

  1. Pick a strong topic
    • Pick one that interests you as much as possible
    • Also pick one you know you’re going to be able to follow through on
  2. Pick an even stronger Thesis
    • Keep your thesis as narrowed and focused as you can
    • Remember this is what your paper will be all about, so craft it carefully
  3. Plan your research
    • When it comes to technology, you need to focus yourself before you start to look up your topics, or you may find yourself completely lost
    • Use whatever method works best for you, but always remember that without this step, you have no paper
  4. Make sure what you find is up to date
    • This is crucial in any technology research because this field is changing all the time
    • Check, re-check and cross-check sources for accuracy and timeliness
  5. Thoroughly research it
    • Here’s your time to shine!
    • Collect all the info you may need, but be very clear about your methods and results
    • Also use the most modern methods and results you can find
  6. Outline it
    • Use this as a way to lay out your topics in a clear and concise way
    • In a tech paper, this is the true “writing” as flowery language will be less important than your info un the result
  7. Write a first draft
    • Make sure to use technical terms and keep to a clear and concise writing style
    • However, show that you understand the topic without using unnecessary jargon that can confuse readers
  8. Write a second draft.
    • This will most likely be your final draft, so make it count
    • Go over the work for clarity and a second look at any substantive work
  9. Conclusion
    • This should simply be a more clearly explained version of your thesis statement
  10. Always include Works Cited and Appendices
    • This is very important with technology, or you risk losing credibility
    • You have to make sure everyone knows exactly where you got your information, methods, and conclusions

Hopefully, these tips will have you on your way to a great technology-based research paper.

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