Things To Remember When Writing A Research Paper About Pollution


A research paper on pollution can begin with one or two questions. What causes pollution? What leads to the causes?

Begin with a definition and thesis statement

Research papers start with a coherent statement. In this case, a clear definition of what pollution is can be included.

Proceed to the source

Once this has been accomplished, causes can then be suggested and addressed methodically and in detail. It inevitably begins with human behavior.

Where to do the research

Talk to these guys

Existing records and reports are not always reliable or truthful. Greenpeace and WWF take a more vigilant and proactive stance when monitoring the causes of pollution.

Real-life scenarios

The most compelling study you can undertake often begins in your own backyard where unseen or ignored events have precipitated increased levels of pollution.

Two helpful suggestions to get you warmed up

Two of the best barometers for measuring pollution come in the form of testing the quality of water and observing the habitat of birds.

Global warming and climate change as two themes

No research paper these days is complete without remarks on global warming and climate change. These themes are interlinked.

Collecting the data and creating charts

Effective research and reports will collate data that is accurate and can be included in the final paper by using reader-friendly diagrams and charts.


Concluding remarks are useful when including an objective statement on how to resolve the problems associated with pollution that you have identified during your research.

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