Writing A Strong Term Paper Thesis Statement – Vivid Examples To Follow

A term paper is one of the most critical academic assignments students need to complete during their academic careers. They need to create a strong term paper by using relevant data and strong evidence that can improve the value and authentication of their paper. Students need to follow the format and structure guidelines given by the teacher for their paper. Some teachers would ask the students to follow a standard format while others may prefer a custom formatting style and structure. A term paper is supposed to be based on a subject relevant to your studies and the topic must be able to cover the subject for you. You should not choose a topic that is either too broad or too narrow. Once you have an engaging topic to capture your reader’s attention, you can then move towards writing the actual paper.

Term paper writing is a gradual process; you cannot compose the body, conclusion or any other parts of the paper before you develop your thesis statement. A thesis statement is simply a sentence that shows the scope of your work. If you were to answer the purpose of your term paper in one sentence then that will be your thesis statement. A thesis statement shows the reader what they will find in the rest of the paper. It clearly states the purpose and aim of your entire paper.

If you are not sure how to compose an effective thesis statement then you should think of the answer to this question.

What do you want to achieve through this paper?

The answer to this question in a sentence or two will be your thesis statement. You can obviously restructure, organize, arrange and edit this statement to make it more precise and to the point.

Here are a few examples of thesis statements that show how an ideal thesis statement should look like in your term paper.

  1. Smoking should be banned in public spaces because passive smoking can have as much harmful effects as direct smoking
  2. Economic recession can be covered if the government is careful with policies on war
  3. Injustice breeds evil. Explain with concrete examples
  4. Use real life examples to show that extravagance is a curse of modern life
  5. Show the ultimate effect of domestic violence on the young minds
  6. Explain the relationship between divorce rates and financial crisis

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